CBD: This Social Distancing Survival Kit Has What You Need Right Now

Hemp oil with CBD is booming online right now. Aside from traditional retail being limited by social distancing, many people are increasing their normal spend on these products or trying them for the first time.

Gnome Serum, which is one of PuraPhy’s top-rated product lines, has seen ecommerce sales online increase as much as 450%. Understanding what people really need this moment, Gnome Serum CEO and Founder, Greg Kerber, has put together a special package for new customers to try three of their best-selling products (at a deep discount) to help you survive social distancing:

Hand Sanitizer with Hemp Oil: Keep those hands clean after that grocery store run with alcohol derived from Organic Cane Ethanol, Full Spectrum Hemp Extract, and Witch Hazel.

Soft Touch Hand Cream: Revive your overly washed hands with rich moisturizers and Full Spectrum Hemp Extract.

Oral Tincture: Place under the tongue to experience one of the purest forms of Full Spectrum Hemp Extract.

You can get this deal, while inventory lasts, for $41 off traditional retail — click here to get yours.

Gnome Serum are true believers in the power of the hemp plant. Their mission is to use the most innovative technology to unlock its amazing diversity of benefits and make them available to elevate mind, body, and life. Each Gnome Serum product is a celebration of their commitment to keeping things simple: essential ingredients in powerful combinations.

You can get this deal, for a limited time, while inventory lasts – save $41 off retail price here:

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