PuraPhy 20 Celebrities 2021: Pete Davidson, No.13

When PuraPhy launched in 2019, we were determined to be a different kind of destination covering CBD, hemp, functional mushrooms and other plant-based products: We wanted to have a point of view. Thus, The PuraPhy 20 concept was born.

The PuraPhy 20 is a ranked list of individuals who fit in different categories who—right now—wield significant influence in the world of CBD be it with consumers, businesses, governmental officials, regulatory agencies or others. PuraPhy believes that to hold genuine power is to have the ability to persuade and influence wide swaths of relevant stakeholders. The PuraPhy 20’s categories will include celebrities, politicians, athletes, scientists, influencers and more.

The inaugural list ranked some of the biggest celebrity CBD pioneers and placed them accordingly to just how influential they had been in shaping public opinion about the use of CBD. Surprisingly, only six celebrities who made the list in 2019 have made 2021’s roster of celebrity CBD influencers. And, yes, Kim Kardashian made the cut, but the famous personalities who use—and persuade millions of others to—love CBD is as eclectic as one might expect.


To say that Saturday Night Live star—and Ariana Grande’s ex-fiancée (among many other highlights—Pete Davidson has had a colorful run to stardom over the past several years, would be truly an understatement. The funnyman has also toplined films, been arrested and spent time in rehab. You really should spend an hour down the Google rabbit hole reading up on all of with Davidson’s shenanigans, it’s actually oddly captivating.

The Staten Island native is famously a huge proponent of marijuana’s medical attributes (he says he smokes weed to help with the effects of Chron’s disease), but not everyone knows what an early and vocal CBD advocate the comedian/actor/writer/producer has been. “I’m a religious user of CBD, a weed that makes your stomach feel better,” Davidson said to the Breakfast Club. He explained that CBD should be everywhere “so people can smoke ‘marijuana’ that doesn’t get you high but keeps you OK and able to work.”

With his high-profile life in full throttle—and particularly if he can keep his wits about him—Davidson will have a massive influence on his younger fans and their own CBD journeys.

Photo: NBC

**The PuraPhy 20 is meant to illustrate the individual’s public statements about CBD and in no way states or implies any medical benefits from such use.