PuraPhy 20 Athletes 2022: Klay Thompson [basketball], #11

The PuraPhy 20 is a ranked list of individuals who fit in different categories who—right now—wield significant influence in the world of hemp oil/CBD be it with consumers, businesses, governmental officials, regulatory agencies or others. PuraPhy believes that to hold genuine power is to have the ability to persuade and influence wide swaths of relevant stakeholders. PuraPhy 20’s categories will include celebrities, politicians, athletes, scientists, influencers and more.

The PuraPhy 20 list below ranks some of the biggest athletes on the planet based on just how influential they are in shaping public opinion about the use of hemp oil/CBD and how it impacts both the exploding industry as well as the sports and pop cultural zeitgeist in the US and beyond. From David Beckham to Rob Gronkowski and from Megan Rapinoe to Paul Pierce, the roster of superstar jocks who use and love CBD is as eclectic as one might expect. And then some.


I’m not sure about you, but when I watch Golden State Warriors standout Klay Thompson handle a basketball, his confidence and competence are so undeniable, so overwhelming you know his desired result is mere moments away. Thompson, in a word, is elite, as in he’s unbelievably good at this sport, and in a league full of show boaters and pretenders, his unabashed excellence is self-evident, laid bare for all to see.

So, when someone like Thompson, co-launches a CBD brand, Just Live, people tend to take notice. Hence, he’s influencing our perception of not only the brand in question, but CBD as a viable tool at our disposal.

“As athletes, we experience not only unexpected serious injuries, but also everyday physical wear and tear,” Thompson says. “I’m a strong believer in natural forms of recovery and pain relief rather than depending on painkillers that only temporarily numb the pain yet have long term side effects on my mind and body. I rehabbed for months due to an injury and have relied on CBD because it’s been effective in the immediate and safe for my long-term recovery, both physically and mentally.”

The superstar isn’t done, not when it comes to his newfound passion for CBD.

“I’m proud to be the first active NBA player allowed to partner with and launch a CBD brand and it’s my hope that by introducing Just Live my co-founders and I can create global awareness around a natural way to live your life healthy and free of pain.”

Just Live’s products include Deep Sleep Softgels, Pain Relief Cream, Broad Spectrum Natural Drops and Thompson’s favorite, Freeze Therapy Roll-On.