Desserts: With A Side Of CBD

At Manhattan hotspot, The Breslin at the Ace Hotel, hemp oil/CBD brownies and cocktails are available for purchase.

As everyone surely knows by now, hemp oil/CBD is one of the latest trends when it comes to food. This non-psychoactive compound is one of the 120 constituents found in the cannabis plant. In 2018, the Farm Bill legalized the cultivation of industrial hemp in the US. This was a monumental milestone in American history as despite not being psychoactive, CBD was considered illegal since it was discovered in the 1940s.

This gave manufacturers in this country more liberty to produce high-quality CBD oils and other products that people can use. Today, we can see a number of hemp oil/CBD products—everything from lip balms, salves, oils, tincture, vape oils, lotions, topical creams, edibles and on and on and on.

But these products certainly don’t limit the versatility of hemp oil/CBD. In fact, the compound is all the way into the food industry and can now be found in desserts, cocktails and other tasty treats.

In fact, at Manhattan hotspot, The Breslin at the Ace Hotel, hemp oil/CBD brownies and cocktails are available for purchase. And, yes, they’re going like hotcakes.

Hemp Oil/CBD Desserts On The Menu

But the Breslin is certainly not the only one that has jumped the hemp oil/CBD bandwagon. Within a few years, many other restaurants and eateries have popped up, selling the compound-infused foods.

In New York City, an upscale diner called Bubby’s adds hemp oil/CBD to beverages such as lemonades, coffees, and cocktails. Chloe, a vegan chain, is quite famous for its hemp oil/CBD desserts. Chloe’s range of six saccharine-sweet desserts is called Feelz, each of which is delicious in its own way. One of the most over-the-top desserts on the menu is the A-TO-CBDEY cookie. And, there’s the Rainbowey Cookey Sammie, Chocolatey Nerdy Cake, among many others. All of these desserts are infused with hemp oil/CBD, which isn’t discernible to taste. This means that you will get to ingest the compound without the bitter earthy taste.

Other NYC restaurants on the hemp oil/CBD party train include:

• Adriaen Block (Queens)

• The Butcher’s Daughter (Brooklyn)

• Caffeine Underground (Brooklyn)

• Sweets by Chloe (Manhattan)

But hemp oil/CBD desserts aren’t just limited to Gotham’s restaurants and bars. Here are some other places where you can participate in the latest culinary trend:

• The Broomwagon (Lexington)

• Donnie Vegas (Portland)

• Green Goddess Café (Stowe, VT)

• VegeNation (Las Vegas)

This trend is only at its beginning phase as more chefs take charm to the compound and put it on the menu.

–PuraPhy Staff Report