Chef Matt: The (Reluctant) ‘Bobby Flay Of Cannabis’ Cooking

Who’s hungry?

More than two decades ago, Matthew Stockard’s culinary career began with his first restaurant in Oklahoma. Since then, Chef Matt (as he’s universally known) has worked as a top-flight caterer cooking for numerous A-list public figures and has also spent time being a private chef to several celebrities and professional athletes.

In 2010, while still attending culinary school, Chef Matt opened a barbecue restaurant in Long Beach, CA that received universal praise and winning reviews. In short order, Chef Matt began his streak of winning numerous cooking events including citations for best barbecue, best Cajun/Creole cooking BBQ awards, among others.

Chef Matt credits his overseas experience in his current culinary efforts. For much more, go to

By Richard Pérez-Feria

What exactly is a “cannabischef?”

I don’t consider myself a cannabis chef, exactly. I feel that anyone who uses the term cannabis chef doesn’t have a real résumé. I consider myself a chef who cooks with cannabis and CBD.

How did you start down that road?

Prior to heading to Dubai a high school friend reminded me that I cooked with cannabis in school and asked me if I’d make him a few different items such as barbecue sauce and whatever else I could do with it. Needless to say, I never made it to Dubai.

What do you make better than any other human on the planet?

I make food that touches your soul. I look at food and nourishment for the mind, taste buds, and body.

What are the top three benefits of cooking with CBD and/or cannabis?

Top 3 benefits would be helping control anxiety, pain, and stress. But this list could go on for days.

How do you answer the inevitable ‘Will this make me high?’ question?

I briefly explain the difference between CBD and THC and also the difference between Hemp derived and CBD derived from cannabis.

What’s the future look like for this kind of cooking/eating?

The future is bright as more and more people are learning about cooking with CBD and cannabis. Whether it’s chefs or home cooks, I personally haven’t found anything I can’t infuse with CBD. I have a line of Chef Matt-branded products that’s set to launch very soon and I’m hoping to take the culinary world by storm. 

Do you consider yourself the “Bobby Flay of Cannabis Cooking?”

As much as a compliment as that is, I don’t. I’m just a guy who’s lucky enough to enjoy what he does as a job. But Bobby Flay is someone I most definitely admire as a chef.