CBD: What’s Full Spectrum Hemp Oil?

The global market for cannabis is growing larger every day. Due to its growing popularity, many products are now readily available in many states across the US, and full-spectrum hemp oil is one of them. But, what is full-spectrum hemp oil exactly? And why does it matter.


Full spectrum hemp oil refers to the pure oil that’s extracted from hemp and contains all the cannabinoids that are found in the original plant. As a result, full spectrum hemp oil contains a wide range of cannabinoids, including many vitamins and minerals, protein, flavonoids, fatty acids and fiber amongst others. 

Using full spectrum hemp oil is the preferred choice for those who are looking to gain the benefits of plant terpenes as well.

The most abundant cannabinoid that’s found in full-spectrum hemp oil is cannabidiol, which is a non-psychoactive compound that has many health benefits. It has been found that cannabidiol makes up 90 percent of all the cannabinoid content that’s found in full spectrum hemp oil. This alone makes it more potent as compared to other types of hemp oil that’s currently available in the market. Using full spectrum hemp oil is the preferred choice for those who are looking to gain the benefits of plant terpenes as well.


What gives full spectrum hemp oil an edge over hemp isolates, is that it’s considered to be all natural. This means, there have been no additional substances that have been added to the hemp oil. Furthermore, full spectrum hemp oil also doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals or pesticides that can be dangerous. 


One of the most promising factors for using full spectrum hemp oil is that fact that it’s sustainable. This means, it can be used for the long-term treatment of several ailments. Furthermore, by combining many different cannabinoids into a single dose, full spectrum hemp lasts longer than isolated hemp. 


The fact that a large number of cannabinoids are present in full spectrum hemp oil was mentioned earlier. But, to be precise, full spectrum hemp oil has up to 113 different cannabinoids that all come from a single hemp plant making it easier for hemp product developers to customize their full spectrum hemp oil by extracting the most robust cannabinoids that are considered to be more effective for the treatment of specific ailments. This is a big reason why full spectrum hemp oil is in such demand when it comes to cannabis products without psychoactive effects.