CBD: New Study Shows CBD Reduces High Blood Pressure Dramatically

Global expert in drug-delivery platforms, Lexaria Bioscience, has announced that its human clinical study HYPER-H21-2, which features the company’s patented DehydraTECH(TM)-processed cannabidiol (CBD), demonstrates an astonishing 23% decrease in blood pressure when compared to a placebo.


Partial results indicate that at certain times during the day-long study, volunteers with mild to moderate hypertension averaged as much as a 20 mmHg (23%) decrease in their blood pressure relative to those taking a placebo, with volunteers averaging a notable reduction of 7% (p<0.001) in systolic pressure.

Additionally, over the same period, volunteers averaged a significant reduction of 5.3% (p<0.001) in MAP and a significant reduction of 3.5% in diastolic pressure relative to an increase in diastolic pressure (-0.8 vs. +2.7; p<0.001) from baseline with DehydraTECH-CBD relative to placebo treatment.

Lexaria Bioscience emphasized that these numbers are particularly remarkable because many drugs currently used to treat hypertension require weeks of treatment and/or combination dosing before they produce results anywhere close to what the company’s study showed.

“Over the initial 24 hours, Lexaria’s 2021 hypertension program is now delivering blood pressure reduction results competitive with—and in some cases, even superior to—established oral pharmaceutical hypertension drugs,” Lexaria’s CEO, Chris Bunka, said. “DehydraTECH-CBD demonstrated a sustained and augmented effect upon blood pressure attenuation throughout the day, indicating the effectiveness of the repeat dosing treatment schedule used in this study.”

For the study, go to accesswire.com