CBD Beauty: Luxe Brand House Of GRŌ Combines CBD, Chaga Mushrooms In Two Amazing Products

It’s not every day one hears of a microbiologist-certified skincare brand featuring CBD and Chaga mushrooms. In fact, no one has. Ever. Until now. Please meet House of GRŌ, sold exclusively at Neiman Marcus (of course).

Almost quarterly these days, beauty, grooming and overall skin aging science for dermal youth undergo incredible scientific advancements. With the introduction of highly penetrable hemp and CBD, an entirely separate demographic of CBD believing consumers have been hailing the compound’s contribution to their new-found, beautiful skin results.


Enter the new House of GRŌ, and this beauty justified phenomena only has two products and two bottles! One for day. One for night. WOKE and AFTER DARK—that’s it. And each product has its proprietary full-spectrum blend of CBD and Chaga mushrooms. Individually, CBD and Chaga mushrooms are powerful in their own right. But together, they’re supercharged, tenfold, with built-in (or “grown-in”) organic UV protectors, collagen churners and skin regenerators. If you need to add your favorite targeted serum underneath, you most certainly can. But it doesn’t get more results-oriented or simplified than this. Period. One potion for day. One potion for night. Now that’s the kind of (amazing) skincare routine I can get behind.

So, how does it feel? Great! Don’t be fooled or worried by the word “oil” in the labeling. I was amazed at the creamy matte, firming plumpness I got after the first application. One and done.

As a longtime beauty, grooming and anti-aging professional, I love this era we’re all living through with the exploding popularity of skin wellness and the fact that the use of CBD and functional mushrooms mean we no longer have to sacrifice a luxe experience for real, visible results. The look of plump, dewy youth and the comfort of vegan sustainability is no small accomplishment when researching and selling 100% USDA-certified organics. House of GRŌ is all that, and a bag of (vegan) chips. ($125/$135) NeimanMarcus.com or HouseofGRŌ.com.