CBD: It’s Time To Talk About Our Pets

The sheer ubiquitousness of CBD globally has naturally led to their wide use to our precious pets. Is that a great idea? Since the legalization of CBD and CBD-infused products, it is being used for a wide variety of purposes and different forms including oils, tinctures, beverages, skincare, and many others.

While the popularity of CBD products has skyrocketed over the past several years, there’s still much to be learned about this compound. Despite that, many people have given CBD to their pets for a variety of reasons. But, the question here is, “Does CBD work in pets?” and more importantly, “Is it safe for our irreplaceable fur babies?”

As most everyone by now knows, CBD, otherwise known as cannabidiol, is an active compound that’s found in the cannabis plant. What really sets CBD oils and tinctures apart is that they don’t contain THC or Delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol, which is the active compound responsible for the mind-altering effects of marijuana. Since CBD doesn’t contain THC or has the compound in extremely minute amounts (less than .03% in all cases), the users don’t have to worry about any of the unwanted psychoactive effects of marijuana. No one gets high on CBD.

Many pet owners still use CBD oil and stand by its effectiveness when it comes to curbing the anxiety in their pets.

This fact alone has led many pet owners to use CBD oils on their pets. While there’s no definitive evidence that suggests that CBD oils can be used to treat pets, many pet owners have admitted to giving their pets CBD. There have also been a handful of studies that suggests that CBD may be useful in reducing pain in dogs as well as cats who have been diagnosed with osteoarthritis, but more studies are necessary. 

When it comes to using CBD products on pets who suffer from anxiety, there are no clinical trials that suggest that CBD oil can be effective in curing pets of anxiety at any stage. However, many pet owners still use CBD oil and stand by its effectiveness when it comes to curbing the anxiety in their pets. One of the reasons why pet owners have readily adopted CBD oils for treating various health conditions in their pets is that CBD products don’t come with any of the side effects that have been associated with other similar substances such as marijuana. In fact, according to studies, pet owners need not be concerned about the side effects of using CBD or CBD-infused products unless they’re doing so in extremely high dosages. Even then, the side effects are relatively mild and fade away quickly. 

While the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as well as the veterinary world may not sanction CBD use to treat certain conditions in pets, pet owners are likely to keep using CBD products as long as they continue to see their dogs and cats happy.

–PuraPhy Staff Report