CBD: ARVOR’s New Bodylotion Is Worth Every Penny

I originally came across ARVOR’s Bodylotion with 2000mg of CBD, in a 3.3oz. jar via their slick, clever marketing. But the actual product surpassed its presentation. ARVOR didn’t disappoint with genuinely amazing quality and quantity. 


Let’s be honest, the usual times to apply, rub and massage these wellness creams and lotions is in the morning when we wake up and need to hit the ground running, or when we’re getting into bed, usually too tired to bother. But when a product is as effective (or better) than promised, well, you know it’s worth your time and effort to apply on a regular basis. Such is the case with ARVOR’s new body lotion.

The texture of ARVOR’s rich lotion is more of a pearly, mousse-like cream and goes on easy and light. It feels as indulgent as it looks—and it doesn’t smell medicine-y or like cannabis. If anything, there’s a barely-there, super faint, luxurious hemp scent that’s not even noticeable.

The key thing to remember is that for aches, stiffness and injuries, CBD topicals absorb into the skin quite easily, so the relief is very real indeed. And safe. ARVOR products are made without animal testing, they’re free from parabens, synthetics, phthalates, sulfates and more.

Aside from a super generous amount of CBD in Arvor’s Bodylotion, active superfruits such as prickly pear, lingonberry, cloudberry and pomegranate add another layer of wellness “actives” that also have a separate healing benefit at a cellular level. At $95, this lotion is worth every single penny. But if you need to stretch out the product, I recommend using a CBD or other essential oil spray not only to extend its use, but to absorb into your skin even more. ARVOR is a potent, full-spectrum CBD that’s THC-free. It’s an absolute must-have in your beauty and grooming arsenal. 

ARVOR really nailed it. ArvorSkin.com.