Business: Colgate Brand ‘Hello’ Launches CBD Products

With the growing popularity of CBD/hemp oil in the US, more and more companies are throwing their hat in the ring. One of the most recent brands to join the club is Colgate, or rather Hello, an all-natural oral care brand that Colgate acquired earlier this year. Hello has just unveiled its latest lineup of hemp-infused products, and—spoiler alert!—this time it’s all about CBD. 

Hello first entered the CBD/hemp oil industry in October 2019 when they released a line of hemp seed oil-infused products. Some of the earliest Hello hemp products included hemp-infused floss and a fluoride-free toothpaste and mouthwash. Hello prides itself on offering customers products that naturally whiten teeth, are safe for enamel, help remove plaque with brushing, and freshen breath.

“It’s an incredibly exciting time for Hello, and this new collection is a really fun and engaging way to expand our product portfolio.”

The new lineup of CBD/hemp oil products includes mouthwash, lip balm and, of course, toothpaste. It utilizes ingredients such as aloe vera, tea tree oil and charcoal, and is completely fluoride free. Hello’s CBD/hemp oil collection is available exclusively at Ulta Beauty. 

Hello was acquired by Colgate in January 2020. Upon acquisition, Colgate President and CEO Noel Wallace told the press that “we have a great respect for the Hello team and their impressive product line, and value the strong connection they have made with younger consumers. With its distinct on-trend positioning, Hello is a terrific complement to our Colgate and Tom’s of Maine brands and we look forward to supporting its continued growth and success.” 

In February, Hello’s founder, Craig Dubitsky said, “It’s an incredibly exciting time for Hello, and this new collection is a really fun and engaging way to expand our product portfolio. What started as an oral care line is now evolving into a naturally friendly, personal care company. We’re confident we can provide a wide range of delicious tasting, highly effective, naturally-friendly products that our retail partners and their shoppers can fall in love with, and that elevate the everyday.”

Aligning with the tried and trusted brand Colgate has given the Hello lineup a leg up in the hemp-infused oral care niche. Thanks to their partnership, we can all say “hello” to all-natural hemp alternatives to oral care.

–PuraPhy Staff Report