Travel: London’s Bulgari Hotel’s CBD Spa Experience

As the awareness of CBD/hemp oil benefits continues to rise around the world, many luxury brands have jumped on the lucrative bandwagon. Many high-end brands are introducing their own take on CBD/hemp oil and infusing CBD/hemp oil into their offerings. Recently, London’s iconic, opulent Bulgari Hotel made headlines when it announced its new spa feature. 

The luxury hotel announced that it was collaborating with the high-end British CBD brand Kloris to design a spa experience that incorporates CBD/hemp oil. The Bulgari Hotel has dubbed the Kloris collaboration the “Stress Melting Ritual,” a 90-minute massage featuring hot stones, aromatherapy oils, and of course, CBD/hemp oil, to help visitors completely relax. 

Of course, most hotel chains across Europe have taken a hit due to the recent coronavirus outbreak. As the hospitality industry begins to try to restart their efforts, this new addition to the already renowned spa treatments available at the Bulgari Hotel should help attract new customers.

So, why add CBD/hemp oil to a spa treatment? CBD/hemp oil has many potential benefits that are related to relaxation. Some claim CBD/hemp oil has been linked to reducing pain and inflammation, and many people who regularly use CBD/hemp oil swear that it can aid treating anxiety, stress, and insomnia. As research continues and interest in hemp grows, consumers can expect new findings on the health benefits of CBD/hemp oil in the near future.  

The potentially soothing effects of CBD/hemp oil makes it easy to see why a CBD spa experience would be attractive to customers. Though the Bulgari Hotel isn’t the first luxury hotel or spa to integrate CBD into their spa treatments, it’s certainly won’t be the last.

– PuraPhy Staff Report