Education: Council On Aging CBD Workshop Informs Overlooked Audience

With the growing interest in hemp-derived products, it’s important to make sure that every person, regardless of their age group, knows the potential benefits of incorporating CBD/hemp oil into their daily routine. Unfortunately, because of the plethora of conflicting information regarding CBD/hemp oil, it can be challenging for consumers to find the best products for their individual needs. 

Hemp-derived products are unique in that it can be used by adults of all ages as well as by children. Though at this time the FDA has only approved one CBD medication, Epidiolex, for seizures, the internet is flooded with compelling testimonials of individuals claiming that CBD/hemp oil can have other useful applications.

To help older adults educate themselves on CBD, the Bernardston Massachusetts Council On Aging organized a recent workshop aptly named “Demystifying CBD.” The Council on Aging’s director, Haley Bolton, said that the workshop was highly requested after The Heirloom Collective opened a marijuana cultivation facility in town. The CBD workshop was led by Alex Abrams, co-founder of the Northampton-based Heritage Hemp and director of sales for The Heirloom Collective. “I’d say the event went very well,” Bolton said, adding that that everyone seemed to be quite impressed by Abrams’ extensive knowledge of all things CBD/hemp oil. 

According to Bolton, much has been said about the potential medical benefits of CBD/hemp oil on younger adults and children, but there’s little readily available information on the possible health benefits for people 50+. There’s a lack of reliable sources that provide guidelines for older Americans on how they can use CBD/hemp oil and other hemp-derived products in their daily routine. 

Bolton says she plans to host more CBD workshops as soon as the senior center is able to hold large gatherings again post COVID-19 concerns. 

– PuraPhy Staff Report