Spas: Massage Using CBD

The legalization of hemp oil/CBD in the US has opened the doors for the use of hemp-derived products. While the popularity of hemp products has enjoyed significant growth over the past few months, with products ranging from healthcare, supplements, hemp oils and lotions taking center stage, one segment of the luxury economy that seems to have greatly benefitted by the removal of the hemp oil/CBD ban has undoubtedly been the spa industry, and for good reason. For many years, hemp-derived oils, lotions, creams and so on have been associated with various spa-friendly results.  

Many high-end spas have now introduced spa treatments using hemp oils. Rather than adding in a completely new spa treatment to the menu, there have been many spas that have simply expanded on their existing spa treatments by including a massage with hemp oil along with their regular spa treatment. Including hemp oil in regular massage sessions also extends the time period of each session. 

–PuraPhy Staff Report