Let’s Go: CBD Friendly Destinations

A vacation every now and then does a person good. Being humans with quite the busy schedules, we’re bound to burn out. Getting away for a little while and breaking free of the rut of the usual routine can be very rejuvenating.

For most people, this simply means making a budget and booking a holiday to wherever they find appealing. However, to the average hemp oil user, planning this trip can be a little tricky.

Even though the medicinal wonder is legal in the US (for the most part) but that’s not the case for every vacation spot you dream of visiting. This can be complicated as there are extremely divisive opinions on hemp oil itself as it is a cannabis product.

This is why it’s imperative that you do your research and read up on the place you want to visit to make sure you won’t be reprimanded or get in trouble for bringing your hemp oil or gummies.

Hemp Oil Laws and Regulations in the US

Within the US, especially in states where medical marijuana and recreational marijuana are legal, you can buy hemp oil/CBD products easily. Furthermore, the 2018 Farm Bill legalized hemp-cultivation, making hemp oil legal across all 50 states.

When it comes to traveling with hemp oil/CBD, the regulations can be a bit clouded. Until very recently, CBD was prohibited from carrying on planes as it was considered illegal under federal law.

However, the issue has since been addressed and the rules have been corrected. According to the Transportation Security Administration or TSA, traveling with hemp-derived CBD products is legal. However, the production of the products should be compliant with the laws under the Agricultural Improvement Act 2018.

CBD-Friendly Vacation Spots

Considering all the regulations and limitations around hemp oil/CBD, it’s important to check what your vacation destination says about the compound. It’s important that you understand and respect these laws to prevent your retreat from becoming a nightmare.

Here is a list of some places where you should be OK to travel with hemp oil.


Aptly named, the glorious sunshine of the palm-lined streets in Palm Springs, CA is welcoming to all kinds of tourists including hemp oil/CBD users. Being in California, where both recreational and medicinal use of marijuana is legal, hemp oil is completely safe.

You can even find spas and resorts that use hemp oil and other hemp/CBD-infused products to leave you in a relaxed state.


Staying within the US, Colorado supposedly has the largest cannabis market. Many manufacturers actually make their hemp-derived CBD products in the state. This makes it the perfect place to vacation for hemp oil/CBD users.

The dazzling mountainous views, the snow in the winter, and lush greenery of the pines all make Aspen the perfect vacation spot all year long.


Surprised? With medical marijuana being legalized in the country, Canada has become much friendlier when it comes to hemp oil/CBD. Besides being one of the province’s largest urban center, Vancouver is the perfect getaway.


Hawaii is already one of the most popular vacation spots in the world. The idyllic blue waters, lush greenery, volcanoes, and natural landscapes around the state all make it perfect for revitalizing your life.

Being hemp oil/CBD-friendly on top of all the natural beauty makes Hawaii a tropical heaven.