Laird Hamilton: Surfing God Adding Functional Mushrooms To Coffee

Certain mushrooms have been used for their medicinal properties for thousands of years, while others are just started being varied by lab testing for their potential health benefits. The growing interest in functional mushrooms has resulted in many brands touting mushrooms as part of their health supplement or other related product. The latest to jump on the mushroom bandwagon is none other than surfing superstar Laird Hamilton. 

Hamilton started his own brand by the name of Laird Superfood. The brand is unique in that it has been built around the morning routine of surfers, but regular folks can use their products, too. Laird Superfood has been using various functional mushrooms that have proven to have certain medicinal properties in their products, but since they combined the mushrooms with their hugely popular creamers, they stumbled upon an idea that’s been called the next best thing since sliced bread: putting mushrooms directly into coffee beans. So, the first question that springs to mind here is, “do I really want my morning cup o’ Joe to taste like mushrooms? Well, the answer is, you would if you tasted the newly introduced product by Laird Superfood. 

The latest coffee blend that has been introduced by Laird Superfood has been infused with the goodness of three of Hamilton’s own favorite functional mushrooms—Lion’s Mane, Chaga and Cordyceps. The best part is that all three of these functional mushrooms aren’t just known for their superior taste as compared to many other mushrooms, but also have a solid list of medicinal properties, which has been the main selling point for Laird Superfood. 

While it’s easy to see why Laird Superfood would include functional mushrooms into the mix, it’s also important to note that all three of the functional mushrooms that have been integrated into the coffee blend are known to have many medicinal properties, including anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties as well. This is also one of the reasons that all three of these mushrooms are loved by high-endurance athletes across all major sports. 

The coffee beans that have been used in this blend are Peruvian Arabica that are grown at high altitude, somewhere in the neighborhood of 4,000 feet. The lower oxygen levels at that height results in the coffee beans taking longer to grow and as a result growing denser than regular coffee beans. It’s this dense coffee bean which is responsible for the dynamic flavor profile that the Laird Superfood coffee blend is known for. 

Apart from that, the entire process takes five thorough steps to ensure the delicious flavor of the coffee beans is preserved while giving you all the goodness of not one, but three functional mushrooms. 

Paired with functional mushrooms, this coffee blend allows you to enjoy a powerful morning cup of Joe that will keep you happily buzzing all day long.

–PuraPhy Staff Report