Functional Mushrooms: The World’s First Multi-Mushroom Gummies

How about a quick recap, people? The following fabulous fungi are functional mushrooms— the ones that are medicinally beneficial for humans—and there are ten of them: Lion’s Mane, Chaga, Reishi, Cordyceps, Maitake, Wood Ear, White Button, Royal Sun, Turkey Tail, and Shiitake. Now, the folks at Plant People have gone one better by introducing the world’s first multi-mushroom gummy, WonderDay Mushroom Gummies. Mic drop, please.


Plant People claims their WonderDay Mushroom Gummies are no exception to the brand’s long history of success using various supplements. Cool part? They taste good, too. These hot car-friendly gummies (they don’t melt on the ride over, unlike other gummy brands) are meant to help balance one’s mind-body functions and help cope with the expected pressures and stressors of everyday life. The pre-dosed, wild raspberry flavored supplements are meant to help you chill out and that they do. But how?  By boosting mood and energy levels, improving focus, and even supporting healthy gut flora. And according to Plant People, these revolutionary gummies aren’t only lab tested and doctor formulated, it only takes two of them a day to experience optimal results.

WonderDay Mushroom Gummies, according to Plant People, are completely non-GMO, cGMP, vegan, and contain no hemp or CBD whatsoever. The ingredients are sourced from industry-leading farms throughout the US. Not only that but Plant People is B Corp Certified and Climate Neutral Certified and they plant a tree for every product sold. With a holistic approach and an aim to embody sustainability, they are truly a company that places quality above all else to ensure a product that you can trust each time.

The best ideas always sound as if they’ve been around forever and make no mistake, functional mushroom gummies are an idea that’s so logical and such a no-brainer, it’s truly a wonder how no one thought of it earlier. Now, they have. WonderDay Mushroom Gummies is the realization of an idea whose time has come. Just in time.