Functional Mushrooms: Fungi-Rich Drinks Go Mainstream

While most people are certainly used to the traditional mushrooms that taste great in pasta and other cuisines, functional mushrooms are now being widely used in health products including edibles and, as of late, drinks as well. It’s easy to see why so many wellness and health brands have opted to use functional mushrooms in their products as an alternative to milk and other beverages. Unlike bottled or canned beverages, functional mushroom drinks aren’t only delicious, they come with the added advantage of being a healthier alternative with health benefits. 

With a lot of brands currently offering functional mushroom drinks, many people are wondering what are functional mushroom drinks anyway? Unlike the everyday mushrooms that we use in food, functional mushrooms are a lot rarer and come with many health benefits, which is why they have been given the decidedly unsexy “functional mushroom” designation.

Functional (or, if you prefer, medicinal) mushrooms have been used as part of religious practices and healing for centuries. While there are many different types of functional mushrooms that are available in the market today, there are four major types of functional mushrooms that are most sought after by those who are looking to experience the medicinal benefits of these specific mushrooms. These four major functional mushrooms are lion’s mane, chaga, reishi (used in Golde’s Shroom Shield pictured above), and cordyceps. 

The mental clarity that lion’s mane produces is also one of the reasons why it’s used by Buddhist monks during their meditation.

While all of these functional mushroom varieties are considered to have health benefits, they all excel in particular applications. For instance, chaga mushrooms are considered to have the most amounts of antioxidants of functional mushrooms. This means that chaga mushrooms can be beneficial against the common flu and can also help boost the immune system, keeping the body safe from other seasonal illnesses. 

On the other hand, lion’s mane is considered to be quite effective for the mind and memory. Those who have lion’s mane drinks experience a sharper mind and enhanced productivity. The mental clarity that lion’s mane produces is also one of the reasons why it’s used by Buddhist monks during their meditation. It’s also the reason why this type of functional mushroom is also commonly known as the “smart mushroom.” 

Cordyceps are those mushrooms that are considered to be great for improving athletic abilities. What sets cordyceps apart from other health drinks for athletes is that it doesn’t come with the sudden headrush that’s brought about by other athletic performance supplements. 

If you’re already intrigued by the benefits of functional mushroom drinks, then you’re certainly not alone. According to the latest research, more and more people are opting for functional mushroom drinks as a way to improve their lifestyle and live a healthy and longer life. If this explosive popularity trend continues for functional mushroom drinks, can the “Fungi Slurpee” be far behind? Ouch! [brain freeze]

–PuraPhy Staff Report