CBD: Highline Wellness Delivers On Every Level

Now that we the people have so many choices in quality CBD beauty and wellness products, how does one choose? With so many quality selections to pick from, it’s becoming a surprising embarrassment of riches.

When I met the Highline Wellness at a luxury cannabis and CBD show in New York City, I sensed immediately that this wasn’t only a reliable brand, but one that boasted a stellar lineup. I wasn’t wrong. Highline Wellness is precisely what I hoped it’d be: A serious, on-point lifestyle brand with a solid business model that serves up excellent customer service (not a given at all in this market).


Aside from having clean and potent products with verified lab results, Highline Wellness has been around since the beginning of the CBD wave. With CBD oil tinctures (drops) ranging from 250mg to 3000mg strengths, this company pretty much has your specific regimen covered in flavors ranging from tasty mint to citrus essence.

Lately, I’ve been keeping a lower dose tincture in my go bag and use the stronger doses in the morning or bedtime for overall well-being and to keep inflammation and joint pain to a minimum. Smaller doses (25ml equals one-quarter of a dropper) throughout the day help with fighting off colds and flu.

I was also very pleased to see Highline Wellness keeping up with the trend (or setting it?) with its 500mg CBD Energy Oil with green tea to energize your day (“just perks, no jitters”) or 500mg CBD Immunity Oil with Elderberry and Chaga Mushroom. Nice!

I’m fortunate to not have problems sleeping, but when I know I need more than my usual six hours, the CBD Night Oil with Mint and Melatonin provides that extra nudge of deep slumber without any grogginess (it’s also available in a gummy).

But what really got my attention was the one-two punch from Highline Wellness of CBD Day Gummies for Focus and the CBD Energy Gummies. Also, the CBD Immunity Gummies also contain 50mg vitamin C and 5mg of zinc and the CBD Relief Roller with lavender, peppermint, eucalyptus and lemon extracts is great on temples, joints and legs. I actually use it because it really dispenses well (many brands simply don’t). Lastly, for added support, try the CBD Fitness Cream for muscle relief and recovery.

Since beauty and grooming are my beat, I must say I was super-impressed with Highline’s beauty collab with Alyssa Lynch featuring a terrific CBD Facial Mist and CBD Under Eye Balm containing Organic White Willow Bark Extract, Green Tea Extract, Orange Oil, Rosemary Oil and more. Remember, CBD enhances all the great serums and skincare you put over it!

Whether you need serious relief, need to feel more limber, have a more focused workday or a general bounce in your step that promotes productivity, I know Highline Wellness will make a difference in your daily life. Period. HighlineWellness.com