CBD: Fresh’s Cannabis Santal Eau de Parfum Still Wows      

Yes. You can be seductive and zingy-fresh all year long and alter your psyche on the darkest of days. Don’t worry, you won’t get high from this experience. 

Cannabis Santal Eau de Parfum by fresh to many might be in sync with the huge popularity of cannabis creams, skincare and today’s overall wellness. Yet the fragrance has been around since 2006, long before the CBD and cannabis craze. I know because I bought this fragrance when it launched and have been using this unforgettable, sensual scent over my personalized fragrance oils to create many of my own seductive moods. Let’s just say fresh was unquestionably way ahead of its time.


This is the type of scent that I use with intention. And, yes, this unisex, cannabis-based fragrance is considered a secret weapon by many a man. Fresh’s tagline—a sensual woodsy fragrance that captures the raw energy of desire—is not hype or mere marketing slogan. This parfum is all that—I even spray it on my suits.

I find myself constantly smelling my wrists when I wear Cannabis Santal Eau de Parfumsimply because it literally makes me happy: it has the power to lift my spirits just by smelling so darn good. 

With notes featuring Brazilian orange, black plum, patchouli, cannabis accord, chocolate, vetiver and vanilla musk—don’t blame me if you, too, become intoxicated by the scent’s powerful seductive qualities. There’s a lot of sensuality packed in a single bottle.

Proceed with caution—but, by all means, do proceed.