CBD Beauty: CBD Enters The Bedroom Via Lube

Yes, yes, of course we all love 300mg of CBD in our facial serum and moisturizers. And, yeah, CBD is literally everywhere you look—even “there.” So much of my published beauty/grooming/anti-aging work centers around luxury, plant-based wellness because I’m of the mindset that what goes on your face and body, will eventually absorb into and through your entire (endocrine) system via your skin. So why would we use a personal or internal sexual lubricant made from harmful chemicals, castor beans or soybean oil toxins? Right? What goes in your body isn’t only as imperative as what luxe facial serum goes on topically—it’s more important.


Try this on for size: Have you ever heard of a champagne or alcohol douche? Or a Greek yogurt enema from a holistic doctor? No? Me neither. Apparently, while both can perform a heartier cleanse than the traditional vinegar and water cocktail, the latter, yogurt, is meant to replace friendly flora or probiotics, an internal re-nourishment workout that keeps infection from festering or at bay entirely. Currently, specific vitamins and targeted wellness only go through your “back door.” So, sorry to be the bearer of this news, folks, but you’re going to have to save a parking space for CBD. Beep-beep.

Here’s the point: Whatever “active” potion gets inserted anally, the results are quite immediate as your body rapidly absorbs much of those actives, good and bad. So, we should absolutely select wisely and treat our playtime lubricants with a healthy respect. Water-based versus oil-based options depend on whether your preference is skin-on-skin, toys-in-skin or intercourse with condoms (latex or latex-free). Only you know the answer to those details.

Need a more thorough explanation about lubricants in the forbidden zone? HOWL breaks it down quite safely and eloquently, fast becoming a sex-positive community “for all genders and sexualities…breaking down taboos through education and facilitating liberation through exploration.” Howl also provides a deluxe, highly pleasurable and reputable lineup of CBD Anal Lubricant in either water-based or their extra-thick silicone-based work horse formulas. The XXX Love Kit contains both, along with a bandana and butt plug key ring (I imagine the car valet parker will love it). Boasting organic CBD and paraben-free characteristics, you can indulge now and peruse the full offering list of products available on HowlWorldwide.com.

Still on the fence? Having set the trend as the original “safer lubricant alternative” from the 1980s, Astroglide has kept up with the times. They also have a handy online chart to help you navigate and match all your moods and in/out/on criteria to your needs, as well as your partner’s or partners. Start with Organix Liquid or O Oil and Massage Lotion. Astroglide.com. Also, Key West Aloe is a brand that remains hyper-conscious about maintaining skin purity. Their Just Between Us Pleasure Gel is 40% lab certified aloe vera and is water soluble and safe for toys and latex. 

While Gnome Wellness (formerly Gnome Serum) is synonymous with serious healing, their 4-Play massage oil and Emotion personal lubricant are full spectrum hemp extract with 200mg of CBD and hyaluronic acid for “hydration plumping.” Yes, please! GnomeSerum.com.

So, it’s a little awkward, but it’s also a necessary topic to fully explore and comprehend. As the brands above understand, we can now truly heal from the inside out. Have fun and be safe.