CBD: 707 Flora Delivers Award-Winning Results

Beyond super clean beauty, it’s the noticeable results-oriented details in the 707 Flora formulations—when they touch your skin—that made it easy to move this amazing beauty brand to the head of the class. The people behind the company have a lot to say about the product when I got to meet the owner and 707 Flora’s enthusiastic, knowledgeable team in New York City recently (they all have great skin, of course). Like the people they employ, this luxury CBD skincare brand flourished from the CBD and cannabis cultivation epicenter, Northern California’s Humboldt County.


Aside from being an attractive product line with amazing ingredients that prioritizes your best face forward, I always like when brands make what’s not in their products as important as what’s in their skincare offerings. 707 Flora’s  “about” clean beauty decoded page is quite impressive. So, when I performed a test drive on their products, I knew immediately that not only did the lineup deliver with a truly unique feel on my skin, but it also raised the bar for other brands on many levels.

As a topical superfood for skin energy providing absorbable vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, 707 Flora gets high marks for incorporating apple fruit complex along with Chlorella Vulgaris and Licorice Root extracts into their moisturization formulas. While cannabis sativa (hemp) whole plant oil is the star of the show with its “entourage effect” of phyto-nutrients that prevent free radicals, kickstart cell renewal, calm as an anti-inflammatory and deeply plump and hydrate.

I’m a firm believer that a 360-approach to beauty, wellness and great skin is key. Along with topical skincare, CBD tinctures absolutely internally enhance and amplify our body’s ability to regenerate at a cellular level and greatly help all topical key ingredients perform at maximum levels. And that’s why I love 707 Flora’s CBD + Turmeric Tincture – Bright Citrus 1000mg. My sweet spot is 25ml’s (quarter of the dropper) three times a day, sometimes more in the colder seasons. Check out the brand’s entire CBD strength range with Berry Bliss, Cozy Cocoa and Bright Citrus.

For skincare junkies, 707 Flora is sure to surpass expectations. Core Cleanser is the vital first step in prepping skin for absorbing the regimen’s nutrients with botanical extracts and fine exfoliation beads that mildly polish while eliminating dirt and debris, in a supple way. Youth Boost Serum Fortifying Concentrate is super food for skin energy while enhancing the skin’s inner growth factor in a luxurious, non-greasy manner. The Daily Moisturizer I found to be a concentrated plumper that brightens complexions and prevents water loss. The Revitalizing Eye Cream is a terrific way to depuff and reduce lines and wrinkles while providing a mattifying blurred effect, which is key for people who will (or won’t) use eye products. You’ll love it.

Spa while you sleep? At the core of Moisture Matrix Leave-on Night Mask is encapsulated micro algae (plankton) which accentuates delivery and effectiveness of the CBD full-spectrum hemp extracts and the long list of botanicals. This would be the perfect time to spend a couple Rose Quartz Roller minutes as you slip into bed (tools bundled on website).

One of the quiet superpowers of 707 Flora is 707 Balm. I immediately put this on my winter-cracked cuticles. But with its CBD infusion, spot treating stubborn skin areas with dryness, redness or hyperpigmentation (discoloration) that requires a barrier is where this balm really excels. Personally, I’d have a tube in my pocket, on my nightstand and certainly at my home office desk. 707 Flora is a special, affordable 2020 Beauty Innovation Award winner that’s well on its way to becoming a (deservedly) cult favorite.