CBD: Why Preferred CBD Is The US Military Veterans’ Go-To Brand

When you Google “Preferred CBD,” to find out what, precisely, this thriving San Diego-based company is about, the answer is evident from the very top entry of that search: it’s the company’s website with a link that says “Preferred CBD — The Choice For Veterans.” Couldn’t ask for clearer messaging. And so it is for Preferred CBD.

For this PuraPhy exclusive, we caught up with a busy Eric Manese, one of Preferred CBD’s co-founders, to dig a little bit deeper about the successful venture and its unique—and unabashedly patriotic—partnership with a couple of US veterans’ organizations.


Tell us how Preferred CBD came to be?

Preferred CBD represents the result of longtime friends who decided to come together in the CBD business after the passing of the Farm Bill in 2018 with the sole intention of providing the masses with only the highest quality CBD products available in the marketplace.

In a sentence, if possible, how is Preferred CBD different from the countless other CBD providers?

The founders of Preferred CBD have decades of proven experience in the distribution of a wide array of products with some of the largest national retailers in both brick-and-mortar as well as online and we pride ourselves in our rigorous vetting process resulting in identifying only the highest quality CBD products made available to consumers.

To the best of your knowledge, is yours the only CBD company affiliated in any way with the US military?

Preferred CBD is the leader in sourcing and providing private label and branded CBD products to the US veteran community through established partnerships with the United States Veterans Chamber of Commerce and Veterans Advantage. With CBD sales referred by these veterans groups, Preferred CBD is able to make charitable contributions back to these two veteran nonprofit organizations. This reciprocal agreement provides needed aid and services to so many of our veterans.

Our business model has us continuing to pursue the highest quality, made in the USA, innovative CBD products available along with the most effective delivery methods and applications.

What do you say to your potential customers who may have a misperception that Preferred CBD favors one political party over the other?

Preferred CBD is completely agnostic when it comes to politics as we’re solely in the business of providing ease from discomfort and we proudly serve all customers seeking relief through our products and therapies.

What has been the reaction from the armed services when you give them their cut of the proceeds?

Philanthropy is a core value among the founders of Preferred CBD and it was only natural that we give back to these noteworthy organizations. The veteran non-profit groups that we partner with are thrilled with the reciprocal agreement that allows Preferred CBD to give back to the them and, ultimately, veterans.

How has this insidious COVID-19 altered your company’s processes?

Incredibly, based on our online presence, our business activities continue uninterrupted and we remain at the ready to serve our customers.

Is the plan to keep your product offerings to just a few items to focus on the quality or is Preferred CBD going to roll out a number of new product offerings?

Our business model has us continuing to pursue the highest quality, made in the USA, innovative CBD products available along with the most effective delivery methods and applications. As a result, Preferred CBD releases new CBD products each month as well as an accompanying educational guide with each new product release.

What’s your most popular product with the active military men and women?

To date—and as a sign of the times—our most popular product has been our anti-anxiety and stress relieving CBD tincture.

Finish this thought: In five years, Preferred CBD is…

In five years, Preferred CBD will remain the industry leader in the sourcing and distribution of trusted CBD products to the veteran community and the public at large.