CBD: Star Podcaster Len Giancola’s In A Hurry—And It Works

EXCLUSIVE: It’s hard to place Len Giancola in a box. Any box.

Is Len Giancola the massively successful businessman who has 30 years of experience in Executive Management and Business Ownership? After all, he was formerly the Managing Director of Global Securities Finance in New York City, responsible for some $16 billion trading portfolio and is currently on the board of more than 30 corporations.

Or is he the, yes, the massively successful home builder who’s had substantially more than $100 million in sales over the last decade, including a booming custom home building/development company, vacation rental property management company and diversified investment portfolio?

Or, ultimately, is Giancola the largest shareholder and Founding Partner of MJ.com, Culture Club VIP, B3 Management and ThePot.com, along with being the Founder of P.O.W.E.R., a high net-worth mastermind group of entrepreneurs? He’s all of those things and more, not the least of which is The Pot.Live Podcast.

No question that Len Giancola’s busy; but a lot of us are. He’s so much more than busy, though. He’s on top of his game—and how. Time to check out this entrepreneurial force of nature. Hang on!


What’s the biggest misconception about you when people meet you?

Most likely, my tendency to talk fast, walk fast and want everything executed yesterday. I’ve managed billions of dollars, created and exited several multimillion dollar companies and have had hundreds of team members and I know, firsthand, that time is the most precious commodity, both in one’s personal life and in the business cycle. So, while patience is often a virtue, I believe that taking immediate action is more of a priority. I stress to my team that waiting around or overanalyzing opportunities leads to paralysis and missed access and lack of results. Take action—and I mean big action—to get results.

As a genuine expert in the field, what are some questions consumers should ask before choosing a specific brand or activity?

Consumers need to ask themselves (and answer) the following: 1) Has this management team shown a track record of success in their past ventures? That success doesn’t necessarily have to be in the current field of work, but have they succeeded before? Are they succeeding now? What is their potential to repeat their successes? And, 2) What makes this brand unique? Is this just another of a slew of similar brands? Do they have the trifecta of: satisfied clients, recurring revenue and a unique destination experience to offer consumers?

I stress to my team that waiting around or overanalyzing opportunities leads to paralysis and missed access and lack of results. Take action—and I mean big action—to get results.

You’ve done so much, so fast: Tell me, what’s next for you?

I pride myself on the way I’m wired, which is to be addicted to the journey rather than the results. As I create and build each new venture—MJ.com, ThePot.com and CultureClubUSA.com—my joy comes from assembling our team, increasing our market share and providing unmatched value for our clients and investors. The results are pure gravy. As these platforms begin to reach their potential, I am always looking for what’s next. It’s my lifeline and capitalizing on my competitive nature that drives me.

What’s a big, bold prediction you can offer?

Hmmm…. I’d say that there are way too many CBD brands out there that are either white labeled by the same supplier or have no basis or proof for what they’re claiming. As soon as the banking regulations ease, the well capitalized ventures will blow out more than 90 percent of these brands, which will go out of business. Not pretty, but most likely true.

In ten years, Len Giancola is…

Living as what I like to call as a ‘successful gypsy’. What I mean by that is having the freedom to spend a few months here and a few months there and not be tied to any one place of residence where I’m able to enjoy my favorite locations in the world, while managing investments remotely and being proud of the various brands and companies we’ve built, while also being prideful about the people we helped along the way.