Hemp: Let There Be Hemp Debuts Gluten-Free Chips

Hemp has taken the health foods industry by storm. Being high in its nutritional value has made hemp the go-to choice for many brands who are looking to introduce popular hemp-infused products. But, while hemp is often used in myriad ways and in numerous products, hemp seeds themselves haven’t yet made it to the store shelves, despite having impressive nutritional credentials. Now, the New York-based company Let There Be Hemp is looking to change all that by introducing the goodness of hemp seeds to your daily diet. 

Let There Be Hemp is a brand that’s looking to enter the hemp industry by introducing its own lineup of gluten-free chips with a twist. While there are other brands that have explored the small hemp chips niche, Let There Be Hemp is looking to introduce chips that have been infused with the goodness of hemp seeds. The hope is that not only does the consumer get to enjoy tasty chips, but they also get to take advantage of the many nutritional benefits that have been associated with hemp seeds, which are a powerhouse of nutrients in their own right. 

What makes these gluten-free chips different from the many other brands that have also introduced their version of hemp chips is that unlike those brands that only use hemp derived from flowers and other parts of the hemp plant, the gluten-free hemp chips that are all set to roll off the production line has been infused with hemp that’s exclusively derived from hemp seeds.

Hemp seeds contain up to just 30% of fat and are a rich source of essential fatty acids, mainly omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids.

Since its announcement, Let There Be Hemp has managed to pick up orders for its gluten-free hemp chips from nearly 1,000 retail outlets and grocery stores and is also all set for their ecommerce roll-out, which is scheduled for 2021. 

For those who are wondering, hemp seeds are considered to be high in their nutritional value. Hemp seeds have a nutty flavor, which adds a unique flavor to chips. Furthermore, hemp seeds contain up to just 30% of fat and are a rich source of essential fatty acids, mainly omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. Hemp seeds also contain gamma-linolenic acid and are a great source of high-quality protein as compared to other seeds such as flaxseeds and chia seeds. 

Right now, Let There Be Hemp is staying focused on its new gluten-free chips product, but the company also claims to have up to a thousand other formulas that they plan to develop and roll out to consumers in the future. But, for now, Let There Be Hemp is focused on spreading the good word about hemp seeds, the main active ingredient in their gluten-free chips. Anyone hungry for a snack?

–PuraPhy Staff Report