Functional Mushrooms: Coffee with milk, sugar, functional mushrooms?

Like other bounties found in nature that have proven to have health benefits, functional mushrooms are also starting to find their way into our supplements, health products, and…coffee. Functional mushrooms have been all the rage these days mainly because of the many health benefits that they have to offer. While research into functional mushrooms is still underway to identify specific health benefits, advocates and those who already use functional mushrooms continue to take advantage of the medicinal properties of these fungi. 

The growing popularity of organic foods and health supplements has resulted in a booming functional mushroom industry, with many brands now including different types of mushrooms in their products. But all this is far from just another sales gimmick. The health properties of functional mushrooms have been well documented; from helping to reduce stress to boosting brainpower and keeping the body’s immune system functioning at an optimal level. 

The growing popularity of functional mushrooms is the reason why more and more brands have started to add functional mushrooms in their products. While functional mushrooms are already being used in products such as oils, tinctures, health products, and supplements, now certain brands have started to include functional mushrooms in beverages such as coffee. 

Since functional mushrooms are known to have medicinal properties which include boosting brainpower, it’s the ideal choice to be used in coffee to give you that needed energy boost that gets you going through the day. 

While many are sticking to the traditional products, some new brands that are entering the booming functional mushroom niche are ahead of the curve in terms of innovation. For instance, brands such as Better Plant Sciences have recently announced their revolutionary new product that helps increase mental clarity and also includes a wide range of medical benefits as well. 

The product has been formulated by using cutting edge technologies that have infused the health properties of functional mushrooms with coffee beans, creating coffee that can supercharge your mind and body at the same time. 

According to the company, the new mushroom-infused coffee has been formulated to be not just healthy but also incredibly delicious. The new product has been designed specifically for those who are always on the go and are searching for an easy and convenient coffee blend that also gives you an energy boost that will leave you feeling fresh throughout the day. 

The newly formulated coffee blend is packed with antioxidants and essential vitamins and minerals that are beneficial for the immune system. Those who use this new blend of coffee should experience a better digestive system and reduced levels of stress and anxiety thanks to prebiotics and adaptogens that are present in the functional mushrooms. Apart from that, the coffee blend also has a darn good taste.

Our traditional cup o’ joe will never be quite the same. And that’s a very good thing. 

–PuraPhy Staff Report