CBD: Joe Rogan, Kill Cliff Launch Energy Drink

A few years ago, who would’ve thought that a tiny compound found in a plant would be one of the most talked-about business opportunities of 2021? The explosive growth in interest for all things CBD is being lauded by many in the health foods industry as the best thing to happen since sliced bread. While CBD has had a rough regulatory road in the past, ever since it was legalized by the FDA, things have started to look up for CBD and other cannabinoids. 

With millions of more Americans moving towards a health-conscious lifestyle, the demand for CBD in all its forms has pretty much gone through the roof, and for good reason. There’s a growing amount of scientific research and studies which suggest that CBD may be effective combating various conditions.

Even the FDA had no choice but to give CBD the nod it deserved and has finally decriminalized CBD and CBD-infused products. This has led to a boom in the CBD industry that many companies and, notably, celebrities are looking to cash in on. The latest celebrity to dip their toes in the booming CBD industry is tough-guy comedian and world-famous podcaster, Joe Rogan, who’s been a proponent of CBD for quite some time now. 

Rogan recently announced his new product: a CBD-infused energy drink in collaboration with the famous beverage company, Kill Cliff. According to the company, the energy drink is a fusion of the traditional pineapple drink and CBD, with a hint of spice, which of course you would expect from a product being pushed by Rogan, one of the spiciest of comedians. While many celebrities have stepped into the CBD space over the past year or so, Rogan is different in the sense that he comes to the CBD world as a well known health aficionado.

No doubt that the CBD industry is booming, but it’s still relatively in its infancy so opportunity does exist. CBD industry agree that the more respected celebrities are attached to premium quality CBD products, the better it’ll be for everyone in the CBD space. Joe Rogan’s new energy drink has been aptly called “Flaming Joe” and it contains up to 25gm of pure CBD derived from broad-spectrum hemp. Sounds like “Flaming Joe” is an apt title for this thirst quencher.

–PuraPhy Staff Report