CBD Beauty: Haoma Is The Ultimate Luxury Pro-Earth Brand

As the CBD and beauty industries keep vastly increasing the number of brands offering CBD-infused beauty products, PuraPhy kicks off a periodic—and expert—series devoted to the important pro-gorgeous trend First up? Haoma.

Haoma is a seriously luxe lifestyle CBD skincare brand whose products happen to work exactly as advertised: exquisitely. With deep roots in the vegan philosophy of beauty wellness, Haoma also—cleverly and significantly—plants a tree for every item purchased.



Beyond planet-saving sloganeering, Haoma is probably the CBD-infused beauty brand I’d choose with the most well-thought-out messaging because of their elegant products and how they represent the earth at every stage of cultivation and manufacturing. In short, Haoma comes across as authentic, obviously a mighty powerful ethos for any brand. Haoma’s founders actually live, eat and breathe all things green, and the secret’s right there in the name: Haoma.Earth. This special, top-shelf brand certainly loves their plants and trees—and it’s exactly as it should be.

As a longtime beauty and grooming editor and expert—I’m a licensed cosmetologist in multiple states, a former Beverly Hills-based celebrity hairstylist and colorist and an early CBD enthusiast—Haoma’s anti-aging products were most definitely not the first CBD skincare in which I became immersed. But Haoma was, in fact, the first CBD skincare line to really grab me because the majority of my published pro-gorgeous articles center around the very best anti-aging skincare and, increasingly, plant-based organics. Haoma is vetted at a Neiman-Marcus (top luxury retailer) level, so every box must be checked, starting with efficacy. No small feat, friends.

Let’s dive in, shall we? Because of the texture’s unique and luxe feel, I started my CBD skin journey with Haoma’s Nourishing Cleansing Balm which lifts impurities in a rich, hydrating oil-elixir kind of way. The recommended three-minute facial cleanse massage truly sets the stage for all that followed by contouring your facial definition, then gently removed with their smartly paired organic cotton washcloth. You’ll know instantly.

The Radiant Face Serum is potent. I have many wonder serums at my disposal and Haoma’s offering stands out due to its milky, 30mg CBD isolate to control sebum and breakouts, Pepha-Tight microalgae extract for instant lift and Colloidal Gold and plant stem cells to help pummel all the goodness deep into your face well beyond the surface. When this is followed by Preservation Day Cream or Recovery Night Cream, you’ll have all the bases covered in a face-saving, transformative way.

If you choose to explore Haoma’s whole system, its accessories and body wellness range is on point, too. Earth Soap is cold-processed and non-stripping with shea butter, volcanic black sand and activated charcoal. Temple Balm, with 75mg of CBD, infuses bliss at your nine major stress points with ginseng, vetiver, chamomile, lemon balm and Ylang Ylang—amazing. Earth Deodorant goes way beyond the usual. Besides having none of the bad stuff (aluminum and phthalates), its witch-hazel base with Siberian Fir, grapefruit, tangerine and cypress essential oils can assist in detoxifying existing metals from the body, while absorbing moisture. You know the old adage: Smell good, feel better.

Bonus: Want to get away, go straight to Haoma’s website to be transported somewhere new in our anti-aging/pro-gorgeous earth. With their own radio channel and vibey online Journal, you could easily disappear for a couple of hours in Haoma’s magical, mystical world. I sure did. I tried the entire Haoma collection before sitting down to tell you all about it and my skin feels, yes, healed. Now, with just a little help from Haoma, it’s Mother Nature’s turn to heal. HaomaEarth.com.