This Billionaire is Why You Can’t Find “CBD” on Amazon

If you have tried CBD that did nothing you can thank a famous businessman for the massive production of fake CBD in 2022. And the real brands (the ones that are selling more than $3,975,000 a month) can’t be found on Amazon or Google for the same reason. BUT we can show you how to find them in 5 minutes…


  • How the personal agenda of a California Billionaire makes it extremely difficult to buy CBD.
  • 3 things that you should look for (never buy CBD without seeing these first).
  • A list of top CBD products ranked and reviewed.

Have you tried CBD that did nothing for you?

Or have wanted to try it but are uncomfortable with what you see in the gas station, in obviously fake online ads, or going into a sketchy “shop?”

Well, we don’t blame you.

And, frankly, we feel the same way.

Of course, the CBD industry is growing like crazy – it’s projected to reach close to $20 billion by 2024*.

And this is because of the astonishing results that some people have when they try the right products.

You have probably heard the gushing reviews from people who swear by it.

There are a ton of celebrities getting into the CBD mix – Martha Stewart, Jay-Z, Tommy Chong and many more.

There are artisanal producers that grow their own organic hemp (which is what reputable CBD brands use to produce CBD) here in the US to obtain the ultimate level of purity.

And new science and technology is being used to make products more easily absorbed into your body, and you may be astounded by the result vs. what you have tried.

But you would be right to have doubts about the CBD you see online and around town.

You see, in 1937 hemp farming was made illegal in America.

There were some extremely rich people that got even richer from this (of course).

But, more on that later.

And even though the production of hemp is now legal here…

There are still a ton of lingering restrictions that make it very difficult for real CBD brands to get the word out.

For example, have you ever noticed that you can’t find any products on Amazon that actually say “CBD” on them?

And why is it that there are no ads for CBD oil on Google or Facebook?

It’s still very difficult for the high quality, reputable brands to get their products in front of you.

And you can bet that the big pharmaceutical companies are pushing as hard as they can to keep CBD from competing with their prescription drugs.

All that actually makes it easier for fake CBD to get their products in front of you (we will show you how that works in a minute).

Obviously, this has created a lot of skepticism.

And you SHOULD be skeptical of the products out there — we are too.

So, we gathered all the information you need to be able to quickly see the quality and purity level of the best products we could find.

You see, about 3 years ago we set out to become a source of truth about hemp and CBD online.

We put together a team of hemp industry insiders, digital media experts, and award-winning journalists (Time Inc., The Huffington Post, etc.)

One thing we learned is that there are 3 KEY PIECES of information that you need to determine the quality of a CBD product.

That information is not always available to the public.

But we collected it for you.

And we will show you what those 3 things are.

AND give you that information on this page.

So that you can find a real CBD product, that is the right fit for you, in just a few minutes.

We launched PuraPhy a few years ago because we were blown away by CBD.

Frankly, most of our team is not getting any younger.

And we are just as busy on the weekend as we are during the week (kids, yard work, hopefully some travel, fun activities, etc.)

We see a lot of health products as digital media professionals, and a lot of false promises.

But this one actually worked for us.

And it is a natural compound without so many of the harmful side effects of prescription drugs (and it didn’t affect our ability to operate heavy machinery if you know what I mean).

But there was a lot of misinformation and skepticism out there.

We also saw CBD products starting to do sales in the hundreds of millions of dollars.

And we learned that a lot of that was actually fake.

But we also saw how well-loved real CBD brands were with their customers.

The ones who could actually get the word out, anyway.

We wanted to help push the industry in the right direction.

So, we wrote about the latest breakthroughs, profiled, and exclusively interviewed celebrities, scientists, doctors, and business leaders.

And we were very excited to get this information out to the people that need it.

But we didn’t expect the kind of resistance we got.

When we tried to advertise our website, we were shut down, even though we weren’t selling anything.

We couldn’t advertise on Google, Facebook, and were denied at many other advertising platforms.

We were having the same problem that the CBD brands were having—we were being silenced.

So, why doesn’t Amazon allow products to list CBD and why can’t CBD oil companies advertise on Google?

The answer goes back to 1930s lumber and media billionaire William Randolph Hearst.

Hearst owned many of this country’s newspapers and was one of the originators of sensational headlines and exaggeration to sell his stories.

His newspapers launched a propaganda campaign against hemp and lumped it in with cannabis (marijuana).

Which is like lumping pit bulls in with toy poodles.

Same family, but very different uses.

Before this hemp was used for all kinds of things…

Every US Navy ship in World War I used hemp ropes, it was used for medicinal remedies, and had many other industrial uses such as the production of paper.

Hearst was also one of the largest lumber producers—which was also used to make paper, of course.

And he was also very involved in politics.

So, guess what? In 1937, hemp farming became illegal.

And it wasn’t until 2018 that it was made legal again by the US federal government.

But years of negative press and lies don’t just go away overnight.

And there are still many governmental restrictions around what you can do or even say about hemp.

So, big companies like Amazon and Google—that are two of the richest companies in the world—are pretty much steering clear of it.

And other platforms are following their lead.

Because CBD companies can’t even directly say what it does, and it is very difficult to advertise…

You will have a very hard time finding these companies.

Worse, companies that are willing to break the rules and the law are putting their false information out there.

And that leads to a lot of bad experiences, wasted money, and a ton of skepticism about CBD.

So, we decided to use our knowledge as hemp growers, our connections, and resources to make a list of supreme quality CBD products people can buy online.

Our team has spent the last several years researching the hemp industry, going to trade shows, reviewing lab test results, sampling products…

And, meeting and interviewing company owners, celebrities, scientists, doctors, and experts.

We have gathered the 3 key sources of information you need to find the right product for you:

  1. Mandatory third-party lab test results and purity certification
  2. Real customer reviews generated by speaking directly to customers
  3. Information on where and how each product was produced

And, when available, we have negotiated exclusive deals for new customers.

All of this is information is listed on the PuraPhy Top Hemp Oil Tinctures With CBD list

On the rankings below you can see all the products that made the list (and currently have inventory).

The key information is listed in bullet points:

  • Product strength options
  • Lab test results 
  • Exclusive PuraPhy offers

There is also a cost range indicator using dollar sign signals (one $ is the cheapest, and 3 is the most expensive).

The overall score (which includes review scores combined with internal ranking criteria) is listed on the right.

To purchase the product, simply click the “Buy Now” button and you will be directed to that product’s website (we do not sell products).

Now, of course, you could find CBD products some other way.

You can actually find “Hemp Oil” products on Amazon.

But Amazon won’t sell products that have CBD on the label. 

That alone keeps a huge number of the best products off Amazon completely. 

And it opens the door to products that claim to be selling “hemp oil,” but you have no idea how much CBD they contain—if any.

Also, Amazon does not hand pick and vet these products to make sure they are legitimate.

They certainly do not require lab test results. 

You could do an old-fashioned Google search…

But Google doesn’t allow companies to advertise for CBD oil. 

So, what you will find is companies that are good at Google optimization, but you won’t see the top-selling CBD companies listed there.

You could go to your local dispensary or “head shop.”

Not everyone is comfortable going into those places and it’s really impossible to say what you will get from one to the next. 

One thing to note is that many of our brands are essentially “small batch” producers.

And our favorite products don’t always last long.

We are just now starting to really promote this site, and we are not sure how long our list will have product available.

Also, we looked for products with the most value vs. the cheapest price.

The cost of trying cheap products that don’t work is way more expensive and time consuming than just getting it right the first time.

And the costs of not finding the right product, if you could really benefit from it…

Or worse, using harmful alternatives…

Is much more costly.

Every product below is available right now, while their current batches are in stock.

It’s truly our wish that you have a great experience with these products.

And spread the word, so that the best products are the ones people are talking about.

So, please review our top picks and choose the product that is the right fit for you now.

Product Bottle

Tommy Chong’s CBD


9.8 Overall Score

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Reviews: 31

Product Bottle

Canna Comforts


9.7 Overall Score

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Reviews: 31

Product Bottle

Gnome Serum


9.5 Overall Score

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Reviews: 20

Product Bottle



9.1 Overall Score

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Reviews: 17



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